Product Arranger Magento 2 Extension

18 AugustAug, 2017
Dan Cook

We have just released our Product Arranger extension for Magento 2. This extension allows you to easily re-arrange products within a category using a drop and drop interface. This was created in order to solve the problem that currently exists when re-arranging products in Magento 2 CE. You are expected to manually position products using numerical values. This can often cause issues when trying to re-arrange a product that exists in a large category – maybe with default positioning on all products.

Using your cursor you are able to visually position products as you’d like. Simply select and hover over where you would like the product to go. This will then be reflected on the front-end immediately – assuming that position is the default sort method on your site.

Intuitive controls exist which allow you to navigate and move products between pages.

To purchase and download this extension head here.


Dan Cook

Dan’s our Magento 2 guru, and master of the front-end - he loves JavaScript (maybe too much).